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enHanced Labels bridges the gap between extracting system data and generating labels.

enHanced Labels provides a framework for label printing against virtually any data set in Dynamics 365. Once data mapping is complete, labels can be generated from any screen in Dynamics 365 where the data set is listed as primary. Furthermore, the mapping tool inside enHanced Labels allows users to associate data, and even X++ methods, without the need for a developer.

enHanced Labels integrates with other third-party solutions such as BarTender or Loftware. Labels can be created in advanced and versatile formats with nearly any required data. In addition, labels can be designed for various purposes, such as customer compliant UCC-128 (GS1-128) barcoded shipping labels, inbound receiving labels, product labels, and more.

enHanced Labels at a Glance

  • Print labels from virtually any Dynamics 365 screen
  • Choose your data set and map to label fields
  • Call X++ methods for dynamically mapped data
  • Control which labels are created based on any criteria (i.e., custom shipping label for customer ABC)


  • Eliminates the need for downstream customizations when new information is needed on your labels
  • Keeps your investment in labels already created in third party labeling software
  • Mapping types: tables and fields, table methods, class methods, static text, and user input
  • Leverages the advanced filter/sort feature in Dynamics 365 to query and join required data
This product provides a trial license of 30 days and utilizes an Azure hosted web service for license tracking. This allows you to try it out with your own data.

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