Corpay Cross-Border - International payments in 145+ currencies to over 200 countries

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Automate cross-border payments and reconciliation with best-in-class payout capabilities

Over 30,000 global businesses trust Corpay Cross-Border to power their cross-border payments in 145+ currencies to 200+ countries, execute plans to help manage their currency risk, and ultimately help grow their businesses around the world. We process more than 3.8 million payments per year amounting to $73.7+ billion in foreign exchange annually.

At Corpay Cross-Border, we aim to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally.

Our Microsoft Dynamics Integration allows you to pay your vendors and reconcile with Microsoft Dynamics, without manually duplicating entries in multiple applications. We extend Microsoft Dynamics capabilities to streamline your global payment process by providing innovative product capabilities such as robust beneficiary bank validation, multi-level approvals, multi-entity support, the ability to hold multi-currency stored value, and strong reporting capabilities.

Key Benefits:
Save time and increase efficiency

· Eliminate manual double entries while processing and reconciling payments by syncing data between Microsoft Dynamics and Corpay Cross-Border

· Mirror your workflow by utilizing our robust multi-level approval to collaborate more effectively

· Automatically inform your vendors/beneficiaries when a payment is initiated

· Get up and running quickly with easy integration

Save money

· Competitive FX rates on more than 145+ currencies

· Reduce transaction fees by switching from wire payments to local in-country payments in 34+ currencies to over 60 countries

· Securely store value in nearly 40 currencies, saving you time and money in maintaining bank accounts around the world

· Opportunity to reduce end-to-end payment processing cost with increased efficiency and streamlined operations

Security & Scalability

· Operate confidently with multi-level payment approvals, two-factor authentication, configurable user permissions, payment limits and secure data transmission between Microsoft Dynamics and Corpay Cross-Border

· Be in control as Corpay Cross-Border will never save your Microsoft Dynamics password or import payments unless they are initiated by you

· Increase invoice and payments volume without necessarily you having to hire additional personnel

Responsive Service Model

· Technology-driven service model with a dedicated account manager

· Local online support team that can be reached via phone or email, or live support

· A personalized foreign exchange (FX) specialist, along with a team that knows your business

· Smooth onboarding and credit approval process

Feature-rich product & Robust User Experience

· Our Product has been designed with simplicity in mind and is based on strong design principles that allow you to complete your tasks with minimal time and effort.

· Powerful Validation tools help you ensure your payment data meet the banking and regulatory guidelines for multiple currencies.

· The product is designed to help you mirror your current approval processes and workflows, but without the paper and inefficiency.

· Get Real-time FX quotes, transparent pricing, and no hidden fees.

· Multi-entity support, ability to hold stored value balances, and robust reporting

· Our leading technologies help you deliver payments efficiently, accurately, and intuitively

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