IFR Dynamics 365FO Advanced Reconciliation


Import the file N43 compatible with advanced bank reconciliation.

The IFR Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Advanced Reconciliation solution has the functionalities that allows easy management of all tasks related to advanced bank reconciliation.

File import of bank statements adapted to N43.

Multi-company statements import.

Reconciliation proposal after import.

Compatibility with standard advanced bank reconciliation:

  • Automatic reconciliation matching per dates or amounts.
  • Matching rules based on amount, dates, document number, transaction type or payment reference.
  • Matching rule set defined by the user.
  • Bank statements validation.
  • Unreconciled bank transactions reports and bank statements.
  • Cut down mistakes and time for checking in a smooth way. Customize reconciliation and set matching rules up. Import a unique file for multiple bank accounts and companies.

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