CTRM Commodity Sourcing and Trading Platform

Sonata Software Ltd.

ERP inclusive CTRM solution to manage contracts, logistics and risks in sourcing and trading

Transform your business performance by superior control over contracts, cost, risk management & higher visibility across all stakeholders to improve operations efficiency by leveraging Sonata’s unique digital CTRM platform.

 Who can be benefited: The solution addresses the Commodity sourcing and Trading needs of Agri Manufacturers & Traders and Scrap Metal Traders. It specifically addresses the needs of Animal Feed Producers, Food Processors, Farmers Co-operatives, Malsters & Breweries, Flour Mills and Bio-Mass producers.

 Sonata Solution:

Sonata’s CTRM platform is an ERP inclusive CTRM platform with Digital ready operations capability to manage commodity volatility by superior control over contracts, cost, quality, risk management, secured supplies & higher visibility across all stakeholders to improve operational efficiency with single source of trade data for better trading decision to improve bottom line.

With Sonata’s unique ERP integrated CTRM platform, you can achieve better visibility on your commodity sourcing & trading needs, single source-of-trade data, superior control over trading decisions and reduction of cost structure for better P & L.   

Some of its high level features are:

·         ERP and commodity sourcing & trading under one platform

·         Integrated Contract, Logistics and Risk management

·         Traders: Buy sell contract, Manufacturers: Procurement contract

·         Complete visibility of contracts

·         Futures, Hedging and Forex Management

·         Mark to market reporting

·         Multiple invoices and payments for each contract

·         Freight rates and logistics management

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