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Manage your office attendance and detect potentially infected employees

Track your organization’s office attendance and quickly determine which employees have been in contact with an infected person 

This simple and intuitive app is designed for all kinds of companies to help them keep track of their employees’ office attendance and quickly react in case of an emergency. 

Common Use-Cases: 
  • Tracking your employees` office attendance activity 
  • Verifying office space utilization in specific periods of time 
  • Protecting your organization by checking who might have contact with an infected person 
  • Predicting office space demand for future 

  • Adding new office attendance entry 
  • Adding entries to specific rooms with the ability to set the time frame 
  • Using a timer for time tracking 
  • Browsing and managing all employees office attendance history 
  • Checking who’s in the office today 
  • Verifying who might have contact with an infected person in a specified time period
  • Creating draft mail to contact those potential contacts immediately 
  • Displaying office attendance statistics in general or within specific rooms 
  • Publishing Office Rules regarding Covid-19 
  • The app works great either on Mobile, Desktop or within Microsoft Teams 

Works with your Common Data Service (Dataverse) database. 
Contact us to for SharePoint version that doesn’t require your employees to have Premium Power Apps Plan! 

The Software subscription period shall be limited to 30 days and is not renewable for the FREE TRIAL version of the software. 

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