Private Practice Quotation

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Private practice quotation process for private healthcare providers

PRS (Italian acronym) is based entirely on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform and Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator. It is located within the private Hospital Information System as a management tool that supports and structures the entire process of private practice quotation, from doctor’s diagnosis to patient acceptance of the hospitalization quote.


  • Manage a quotation request directly in Dynamics 365, providing to the healthcare provider staff a clear overview of the private practices status, reducing non value-added activities
  • Automate or simplify stakeholders interactions (patient, care team, healthcare provider staff)
  • Design and orient operating flows to the patient’s need;
  • Communicate with other Hospital Information System software thanks to FHIR® protocol

PRO FEATURES (Contact us!

  • Custom web app through which the care team, after visiting a patient, can create a quotation request for a healthcare service and send it to PRS. This tool guarantees a more structured communication between the care team and the healthcare provider staff.
  • Software Updates
  • Manuals and dedicated support
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