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XRM.WebForm allows creation of WebForms within Dynamics CRM and tracking submitted data back in CRM

XRM.WebForm simplifies the process of capturing website visitor information into your Dynamics CRM. It allows creation of a customized WebForm within Dynamics CRM and mapping created WebForm to any CRM entity. It supports Leads, Contacts, Cases and any other built-in or custom CRM entity. Each Form Field of the WebForm is mapped to one field of selected CRM entity. WebForms have also additional properties that can be specified in CRM to override default design limitations and add custom CSS and custom JavaScript. WebForm is rendered easily with a single click. Rendered WebForm can be exposed to the website by embedding HTML, Iframe or URL. The ability to edit and render a WebForm in CRM without the intervention of a developer is a purpose-made feature of the XRM.WebForm. When the website visitor submits the WebForm, new record of mapped entity in created in CRM in the real-time. Values from Form Fields are mapped to fields of newly created record. Alongside record creation, WebForm Activity is created, allowing tracking of submitted values. Additionally, e-mail notification can be sent to WebForm author with the list of submitted values and information on success of submission. And all of it happens real-time, allowing powerful sales, service and marketing process automation.

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