SimpleChat for Dynamics 365

av Elad Software Systems

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SimpleChat add-on provides contact centers a consistent Omni-channel customer experience.

SimpleChat® is a native, omni-channel solution that extends the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an add-on solution for contact centers, supporting instant, convenient, multiple channels for communicating with customers.

SimpleChat® was designed to bring sale and service call centers to the new digital world. The add-on allows an instant and pleasant communication between the client and the organization, in the same channels we use when texting family and friends, and combines all the communication channels used by the client (website, landing pages, SMS, chats, social networks, Messenger, etc.) to one system that allows a quick response and comfortable control.


SimpleChat® allows organizations to respond to a customer’s communication on any channel, and even switch between channels, thus significantly enhancing customer satisfaction by providing a more efficient customer experience.


SimpleChat® ensures quick responses to customer’s questions. Representatives can handle multiple conversations simultaneous and transfer files to and from the customer via any platform, including the customer’s camera on his/her Mobile Phone.


SimpleChat® contains a bot platform that automatically responds to questions asked by customers in self-service areas. The bot is exposed to the same database information as the representative, and can easily answer specific answers.

SimpleChat® by Elad Systems is at the heart of the "Digital Service Center" bringing with it a new era of revolutionary service.

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