Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator

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Rapidly develop solutions with a set of capabilities & standards that meets the needs of nonprofits.


The Accelerator includes:

  • Common Data Model for Nonprofits: A data schema made up of nonprofit data entities and attributes that provides a common foundation to build solutions. Provides data translation across fundraising, constituent management, awards management, case management, project management & program design, delivery framework, assessment management, volunteer management, measurement, and administration.
  • Partner starter applications: Ten sample applications and two Power Apps (Nonprofit Program Design and Nonprofit Operations Toolkit) that can be used to further solution innovation for nonprofits.
  • Interoperable Data Standards: Data schema, sample apps, and Power Apps all developed and informed by a cross-collaborative group of industry thought leaders and subject matter experts.
  • Open Source on GitHub: Tech for Social Impact is committed to contributing open source data schema and solutions to the nonprofit sector.
How to Experience

  • Test Drive: To experience the Nonprofit Accelerator with sample data, choose the Test Drive option. You’ll gain access for 7 days without needing to own or spin up an environment.

  • Get it Now: Install and test the solution in your own Power Platform environment.
  • Sample Data: Get it Now includes a limited set of sample data. Reference the Deployment Guide for more information. Here are the sample data package options:
Additional Support

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