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triomis CopyEntity for Dynamics 365 - CRM 2016


Create quotes, orders and invoices on the fly and become more productive.

Dynamics 365 offers a single, scalable toolkit for businesses to address specific needs, such as sales automation, operations, field and customer service. However, Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly Dynamics CRM), does not have functionality for template-based sales processes such as repetitive orders and multiple invoice dates.

CopyEntity closes this gap and helps boost your sales cycle. Create quotes, orders and invoices on the fly and become more productive.

CopyEntity is a Dynamics 365 extension built to ease the process of creating quotes, orders and invoices by simply allowing the creation of duplicates. It minimizes errors in the data and improves accuracy by simply allowing for copying recurring quotes, orders, and invoices.

CopyEntity Highlights:

  • Reuse existing quote, orders, and invoice for future prospects.
  • Boost sales cycle and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Perfect for recurring orders and invoices for subscription based or monthly billing.
  • Data quality enhanced by the ability to audit and edit on the fly.
  • works perfect together with triomis VAT calculator for Dynamics 365
----------------------------- Release notes - new license manager - compatibility CRM 2017