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Premium Solver

Frontline Systems Inc.

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Solve large-scale optimization models in Office 365 Excel Online, the Excel Web App, or Excel 2013.

With the Premium Solver App, created by Frontline Systems, developers of the Solver in Microsoft Excel, you can define and solve optimization problems in your Excel workbook, using Excel Online in Office 365, the Excel Web App in SharePoint 2013, or desktop Excel 2013. You can create and solve models on tablets, phones, or anywhere a web browser can be used. Your model will be solved in the cloud.

The Premium Solver App is a powerful, upward compatible upgrade for the Solver in desktop Excel, and for the free Solver App, also created by Frontline Systems. You can solve linear models up to 2,000 decision variables -- 10 times the size of the standard Solver or Solver App -- and nonlinear models up to 500 variables, and get better solutions faster. If you have a license for our desktop Premium Solver Platform, you can do much more with the Premium Solver App -- see below.

Solver models that you may already have, created in old or new versions of Microsoft Excel, or in the free Solver App, are automatically recognized by the Premium Solver App. You can also define a completely new Solver model using this App (however, models created with this App won’t be automatically recognized by the desktop Excel Solver).

You can use the Premium Solver App to find better ways to allocate scarce resources, maximize profits or minimize costs or risks, in a wide range of applications in finance and investment, marketing, manufacturing and production, distribution and logistics, purchasing, and human resources, as well as science and engineering. To see examples, open the SolvSamp.xlsx workbook included in Microsoft Excel, or register at www.solver.com and click on Examples to download dozens more example models. Many management science textbooks also include examples and discussions of Solver models – see Support – Recommended Books on Solver.com.

Basic Capabilities for All Subscribers

All solving methods and options available in desktop Premium Solver Pro and the Excel Solver can be used:

-- Simplex LP Solver -- up to 2,000 decision variables

-- GRG Nonlinear Solver -- up to 500 decision variables

-- Evolutionary Solver -- up to 500 decision variables

-- Integer and binary constraints

Since VBA is not available in the Excel Web App, Solver VBA macros cannot be used to control the App. The Answer, Sensitivity, and Limits reports are not available.

Advanced Capabilities for Premium Solver Platform Owners

If you have a license for our Premium Solver Platform product, and you first create your Solver model in Excel 2013 using Premium Solver Platform, you'll get more power from the Premium Solver App (for the same price): When you solve your model in the cloud, you'll be able to use:

-- Faster LP/Quadratic Solver -- up to 8,000 decision variables

-- LSGRG Nonlinear Solver -- up to 1,000 decision variables

-- Advanced Evolutionary Solver -- up to 1,000 decision variables

-- Faster solution of linear models with integer and binary constraints

-- Automatic transformation of models with IF and LOOKUP functions

VBA and Solver Reports on new worksheets are not available -- but you can solve essentially any model that you could solve in desktop Premium Solver Platform. And by special arrangement, certain plug-in, large-scale Solver Engines can be used to solve much larger problems, with tens or hundreds of thousands of variables -- contact us for more information and pricing.

When you click the Solve button in the Premium Solver App, your model is queued for solution by Frontline’s backend Solver Server, running on Windows Azure. If you would like to run the Solver Server on your own SharePoint server farm, please contact Frontline Systems at info@solver.com or 775-831-0300.

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