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Advance Calendar Heatmap

Garden City Consultants

Visualize the daily data into calendar heatmap

Advance Calendar Heatmap Add-In is a tool to visualize the daily data into calendar heatmap.


- Can be used to visualize multiple data columns into calendar heatmap to spot the data pattern and seasonality.

- Different data column can be selected to visualize in the calendar heatmap.

- Color axis value ranges can be defined to remove outliner and visualize certain data ranges.

- Cell size can be adjusted for large data set.

- Heatmap color can be customized.

- Mouse over to view the enhanced tool-tip to show full data set row instead of the visualized the data column.

- Click in the title area to enter desired title text for the heatmap.

- Sample data to provide template for the user to build own data set.

- Interactive chart to see the chart to redraw while updating the data.

Two sample data are provided:

- Trading Calendar

- Financial Stress Index and its contributors

Funksjoner for tillegget
Når dette tilleggsprogrammet brukes, kan det gjøre følgende:
  • lese og gjøre endringer i dokumentet ditt
  • sende data over Internett
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474846017/Product_42949680017/Asset_77523bc9-121b-419d-937a-961bcda580cc/TradingCalendar1.png