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Flowtocol Flow Writer

Minneflow Solutions LLC

Convert complex procedures into simple, step-by-step dialogue sessions.

The Flow Writer add-in stores each Flowtocol procedure as a worksheet in the Excel workbook. It can display the procedure as a flowchart to help the author visualize the flow. But the worksheet contains all the underlying procedural data. This gives you the ability to secure and distribute the information as you would with any other spreadsheet in your organization.

Once the procedure is ready, the author can then create a PDF flowchart or an interactive web page. The web page walks the user through the procedure step by step. They will not get lost no matter how complex the procedure is.

Web pages are the most useful option if you simply want to post the procedure on a website or email it to your colleagues. Web page users need only a modern web browser. Neither Excel nor add-ins are required. The interactive web page even allows users to print or email the entire record if they wish.

But the Excel workbook can also be used to contain records of user activity in addition to the procedural information. Users must have the Flow Reader add in to do this.

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