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Extend Microsoft Word® with AI-assisted legal research tools from vLex

Legal professionals spend a lot of time in Microsoft Word.

Whether drafting legal advice, reviewing opposing counsel's arguments or reading legal authorities, vLex can assist you without leaving your document.

• Automatically identity legal citations in documents

• Quickly see if cited case law and legislation is still "good law"

• Add links to full-text documents on

• Get intelligent recommendations of related authorites and further reading

vLex for Word includes Vincent - an AI-powered legal assistant trained in the law of 11 jurisdictions.

Vincent recommends up-to-date case law, legislation, books and journal articles, with direct links to the content on - an online database of 120 million legal documents from common law and civil law jurisdictions across the globe.

Supported countries include:

• Argentina

• Canada

• Chile

• Colombia

• Ecuador

• Ireland

• United Kingdom

• United States

• Mexico

• Spain

• Peru

Improve the quality and efficiency of your legal research, wherever you work.

Access to full-text content and Vincent recommendations requires a vLex subscription.


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