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Clixie’s Interactive Media & Analytics Platform.

Clixie Media offers an enterprise-grade SaaS authoring and analytics tool to help content creators make engaging interactive media (“Stories”) quickly and easily for their audiences. Clixie utilizes many different types of multimedia files, including video, audio and podcasts. Clixie allows employees, employers, educators and students to use Clixie functionalities within the context of Microsoft Teams to collaborate and engage with tailored recorded content as they chat or meet. This integration will offer the unique feature of allowing customization of Teams’ Meeting Recordings using Clixie’s advanced capabilities, providing rich data insights into user behavior and needs.

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Funksjoner for tillegget

Når dette tilleggsprogrammet brukes, kan det gjøre følgende:
  • Kan sende data over Internett
  • Dette tillegget får tilgang til personlige opplysninger i den aktive meldingen, for eksempel telefonnumre, postadresser eller nettadresser. Tillegget kan komme til å sende disse dataene til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i postboksen din kan ikke leses eller endres.

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