Introhive for Microsoft Teams

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Find, Win, and Grow More Business by Adding Introhive to Microsoft Teams

Note: Your organization will need an active Introhive subscription in order to use this application within Microsoft teams. For more information please go to

Introhive is a Customer Intelligence platform that empowers companies to harness the power of their relationship capital to find, win, and grow more business, faster. With the Introhive for Microsoft Teams integration, revenue teams can:

Maximize Productivity with Insights Embedded Into Your Workflow

Access Customer Intelligence directly within your Microsoft Teams environment eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Optimize Meeting Preparation & Show Up Smarter with Briefing Intelligence

Be better prepared for client engagements and conduct “Pre-discovery”with rich, curated Briefing Intelligence delivered automatically to Teams channel ahead of meetings, or on-demand.

Close More Deals with Customer Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Quickly reveal who knows who throughout your organization to build hyper-targeted outreach or get warm intros that accelerate the path to revenue. Search and Identify key contacts that can help get your deal moving in the right direction.

Improve Collaboration & Strategy by Transforming Teams Channels Into Deal Rooms

Unite collaborative, strategic deal teams around Customer Intelligence to drive momentum in prospective or existing accounts.

To get started:

  • Go to Introhive’s Messaging Integrations settings and enable the Teams integration
  • Add the Introhive app to your Teams tenant from the Team's Admin Center
  • To start using the application’s features, select a Channel and add the Introhive Tab

The Introhive integration for Teams is available to Microsoft customers licensed with Teams, and all Introhive customers.

Use Introhive from within Microsoft Teams

With Introhive for Microsoft Teams you will have access to the best of the Introhive platform:

Add Introhive to your deal channels and configure it to support alignment on a specific company or opportunity.

  • Once configured your team will all have access to the same insights and intelligence within the deal room, facilitating alignment and strategizing. See who knows who at your target company and bring more team members into the channel to support the deal.
  • You’ll also be able to search for companies and contacts and easily share your findings within the deal room (channel).
  • Every member of the deal room will see Introhive’s pre-meeting briefings. Give everyone an understanding of what communication is occurring and provide timely insights to support effective sales activities.

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