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Increase your effectiveness and track the costs of creating presentations

Did you know that 30% of the average company’s leadership team spends five hours or more each week making PowerPoint slides? That’s nearly a full day. Every week. Across employees in general, over 10% of their time is spent in PowerPoint.

Does your team have 10% of its time to spare making slides? Do you know how much your team is spending on making slides? Do you know how much YOU are spending on making slides?

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it". PP Costs is the add-in you are looking for to measure the time spend on creating presentations. It conveniently runs in the background, tracking the minutes you spend on creation, and automatically pausing when you are not editing the slides. The logged time is converted to costs by an hourly rate provided by you.

PP Costs creates awareness and helps you to save time by accepting 'less-perfect' slides from your team. The insights also help you to decide whether it is more economical to outsource slide creation.

Get PP Costs now, and start increasing the effectiveness of your team!


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