BioRender for PowerPoint

av Science Suite Inc.

Add BioRender figures to PowerPoint presentations & keep them updated in a click.

Bring your research to life! BioRender integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint so you can deliver scientific findings, share project progress, and keep stakeholders updated with confidence.

Stay in the flow.

  • Import high-resolution BioRender figures to your slides, without leaving PowerPoint.
  • Select a transparent or opaque background for your figures.
  • Ensure presentations showcase the most current version of your research.

Keep up-to-date.

  • Click Edit in PowerPoint to open the right file in BioRender. (No more figure-hunting!)
  • Apply updates made in BioRender to PowerPoint slides in a click. (No more resizing and placing!)
  • View figure metadata in PowerPoint, like Date Added and Last Updated.

Safe and secure.

  • Hosted in Microsoft AppSource, BioRender’s add-in is a trusted tool for PowerPoint users.
  • Pre-approve BioRender’s add-in to deploy to all your users, or let them install it ad-hoc.
  • Get BioRender add-in updates automatically, with support available whenever you need it.

Learn more about BioRender for PowerPoint:

BioRender for PowerPoint takes care of clear communication so you can focus on the science. Have great ideas for our add-in? Share them in our feedback prompt in the add-in or by clicking the chat button at

Note: A BioRender subscription is required to use this add-in.


Når denne appen brukes, kan den
  • Kan lese og gjøre endringer i dokumentet ditt
  • Kan sende data over Internett

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