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This is a configurable office locator app using google map

This app gives a configurable office locator using google map. You can use this app on any page of your website.

Steps to use this app :

a. Deploy the app

b. Go to the page where you want to use the office locator app

c. Add the app part "Google Map Office Locator"

d. Edit the web part and expand "Google Map Properties" .

User can configure the following properties through edit web part properties option:

1. Latitude of the location to point on the map ("Latitude" property. For north latitudes no symbol is needed. For south latitudes put a negetive symbol i.e. -12.74)

2. Longitude of the location to point on the map ("Longitude" property. For east longitudes no symbol is needed. For west longitudes put a negetive symbol i.e. -12.74)

3. Marker description to put any custom description for the location ("Marker description" property. For example "our east coast office")

4. Zoom level to set the zoom level of the map (value should be between 1-18)

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