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Easily manage your Egnyte content right from within Microsoft Teams

Egnyte for Microsoft Teams enables you to set up a tab for your project files allowing your team to take full advantage of Egnyte's advanced content management capabilities without leaving the Teams interface. Using Egnyte for Microsoft Teams you can:

- View and edit your project files

- Share project files with anyone - even those not using Teams

- Get quick access to your recently added / edited files and share them in chat

- Kick off workflows such as sending documents for signature

- Ask third parties to post files that will be accessible from within Teams

This app includes File, Tab and a Messaging Extension.


This integration is only available for users having access to the Egnyte platform.

If you do not have an account yet [Sign Up for Your Free Trial](

For more information, visit our helpdesk article [Egnyte for Microsoft Teams](

Internet Explorer is not officially supported by this integration. While most features should work, we are not actively maintaining support for this browser.

Disclaimer- Egnyte does not support the Mobile Browser; please use the Web/Desktop Clients

Funksjoner for tillegget

Når dette tilleggsprogrammet brukes, kan det gjøre følgende:
  • sende data over Internett
  • Dette tillegget får tilgang til personlige opplysninger i den aktive meldingen, for eksempel telefonnumre, postadresser eller nettadresser. Tillegget kan komme til å sende disse dataene til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i postboksen din kan ikke leses eller endres.

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