Organize, plan, track, collaborate and get things done with visual boards.

Upwave is a productivity platform that helps modern businesses thrive. Organize, plan, track, collaborate and get things done - all in one place. Create teams for various departments, project groups or external partners. Break down silos and share knowledge across different teams. Work with predefined task boards and strategy canvases, like Kanban, Business Model Canvas and SWOT. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to get everyone on board - no extra training needed.


  • Organize tasks/ideas/notes in beautiful visual boards that are highly customizable
  • Simply drag and drop a card to change its status
  • Select from a variety of premade board templates or create your own
  • Work in multiple dimensions with columns, rows (swimlanes) and color coding
  • Assign tasks, set deadlines, comment, upload files and get real-time feedback.
  • Invite external collaborators
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Estimate work
  • Track time manually or with an automatic timer
  • Generate progress reports
  • Create teams for various departments, project groups or external partners
  • Subscribe to various notifications like when someone mentions you in a comment
  • Single Sign-on with Office 365

In Upwave, users can collaborate in multiple, separate teams, within the same organization workspace. You can create teams for different departments and project groups. Easily and securely involve outside collaborators (customers, contractors, and partners). Teams can be assembled and dissolved with few clicks, perfect for short-term projects.

A sophisticated notification system allows users to stay informed on important events. Push messages, in-app notifications or email notifications are all supported.

Notifications can be tuned for each individual user.

Tie it all together by connecting Upwave to the tools you already use. Sync calendar, attach files from your cloud storage, automate tasks. OneDrive for Business is available in browser-mode.

Upwave comes with a free 14-days trial. Contact us for an enterprise quote or pay-as-you-go ($4/user/month).

Uploading files from OneDrive is not available in Microsoft Teams Desktop client, please use the web version of Teams to use this feature.

You must have an active Upwave account to use the app.

Funksjoner for tillegget
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  • Dette tillegget får tilgang til personlige opplysninger i den aktive meldingen, for eksempel telefonnumre, postadresser eller nettadresser. Tillegget kan komme til å sende disse dataene til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i postboksen din kan ikke leses eller endres.
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