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The easiest way to manage your Projects and get (back) Overview, Control and Tranquility.

Manage your:

  • Tasks
  • Product register
  • Issue register
  • Lessons learned
  • Risk register
  • Quality register
  • Configuration register

PRINCE2® is a widely adopted international project management methodology that increase project success rates,

But implementation is very expensive and challenging:

1. Huge bureaucratic overload. Project managers spend 50 % effort on reporting tasks.

2. The vast amount of digital, unstructured information can’t be efficiently searched for effective quality assurance.

3. Cross-project benchmarking is hard. Identifying Lessons learned is tedious and nearly impossible beyond the project portfolio. The result is a huge loss of Corporate knowledge assets.


The UPrince platform is an intelligent approach to enable structured project management without large overhead costs.

Customer contacts indicates:

1. UPrince decreases overhead by eliminating multiple double input of information

2. UPrince introduces a digital interface for efficient PRINCE2® , which allows users to focus on relevant information, rather than on form (manage by exception).

3. The information database approach enables consolidation to the executive level.

4. Increasing proficiency through knowledge assets: semantic mining enables decision support for junior PMs and project critical situations.

This add-in enables you to manage all your PRINCE2®product descriptions.

This add-in is part of the UPrince suite and can't be used as a stand-alone application.

Please register at before you can access your projects.

The application doesn't require a specific Excel template.

This add-in works in:

  • Excel 2016 or later

  • Latest version of Chrome

Known limitations:

- UPrince doesn't support Internet Explorer 11 or later.

- on Windows, the hyperlinks in Excel aren't properly redirected. This is a know issue. The workaround is partly described on following link:

After set the registry setting, the first time you click on a link, you can login to the application but you won't be redirected to the hyperlink. The next time you click on the link you are properly redirected.

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  • Kan lese og gjøre endringer i dokumentet ditt
  • Kan sende data over Internett

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