The employee engagement platform that works but doesn’t feel like work

Meet Eloops – the employee experience platform that boosts employee engagement and enhances company culture by injecting an element of fun into work!

Engage employees, team-build, and build company-wide connection through activities, quizzes, surveys, and the sharing of fun facts about your company and their workmates.

Reward all participation in the platform with virtual currency – earn virtual coins for every engagement activity and collect them in your virtual wallet: complete a quiz, answer a survey, join-in with a team or a whole company challenge, submit a form, and more! The options to get involved, to feel connected, to have fun & to get rewarded are endless.

Recognize and show appreciation for work colleagues with peer to peer recognition activity – sending your virtual company coins to the people you appreciate in your company boosts morale and has a big impact. Tell them how they make your day and how much their contribution matters. Recognize your workmates for who they are and what they do, (and also get recognized yourself!)

Choose your own rewards – visit your company’s virtual store to ‘spend’ your virtual coins and choose the perks, the experiences, and the gift items that best suit you. Will it be lunch with the CEO? Maybe being an HR manager for a day? A company-branded backpack? Or would you prefer a $20 gift card? In this store, YOU get to pick the rewards that YOU most want! Have fun getting involved, earn your coins, then enjoy selecting your rewards.

Eloops is a perfect match for companies and organizations of all kinds that want to boost engagement across their whole workforce, and enhance and align everyone with their culture, no matter where their employees are.

Do you have employees spread over several floors, or in multiple offices in one country or in a number of countries, or even all around the world? Perhaps your employees are otherwise distributed, out ‘in the field’ in their own retail units, restaurant branches or other varied locations? You need a smart solution to engage your employees and make sure they are all connected and aligned!

Eloops instantly puts everyone ‘in the loop’ so they can start having more fun together and enjoying a better employee experience in your work community. We all want to feel connected and we all want and deserve to have more fun at work! Sign up to Eloops now to get started.

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  • Dette tillegget får tilgang til personlige opplysninger i den aktive meldingen, for eksempel telefonnumre, postadresser eller nettadresser. Tillegget kan komme til å sende disse dataene til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i postboksen din kan ikke leses eller endres.

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