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Extract leads and contacts from incoming emails the smart way!

SolidNexus is a cloud based (SaaS) technology and algorithms to

automatically parse, identify, and extract all the contact details from

email signatures to be used by sales, marketing, support, and data teams.

★ Scrape Email Signatures

Signature scraping is a process that automatically extracts contact

information from embedded email signatures and adds records to your

address book. While simple for humans, this is actually quite a

challenging task for machines. Thanks to SolidNexus' advanced technology

based on Natural Language Processing algorithms the signature scraping is

possible in no time and allow your team to stay productive.

Forget about manual field entry requirement for contacts, SolidNexus will

take an email message or a block of text, parse everything out and do the

work for you - figure out what's a phone number, what's a job title, and

so on, put that information in fields, and save you 3-5 minutes work per

contact! Even better SolidNexus will scan an email signature and compare

it to what is currently in the address book (using the email address as

the unique identifier) and update any fields that have changed. Of course

you have a full control on which fields will be updated.

★ Outlook Integration

Among other ways of extracting contacts via IPAAS integrations, SolidNexus

is also available as an Outlook add-in. Unlike a fully-automated and

usually invisible contact extraction process, the 'supervised' mode of

operation gives you a full control over each contact field. You

immediately see an extracted contact, you can edit it to fix mispelled

words, remove unrelevant information or add personal notes before sending

contact to your address book or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Most people would agree that one of the key points, and benefits, of a CRM

system is to be able to get good quality data out in the format you need

and when you need it. Regardless of the technological advances, CRM

systems still rely heavily on people to enter correct data and maintain it

so that the output is reasonable and reliable. By sending good quality

verified contacts to your CRM you will allow it to work effectively and

produce reliable information to help you achieve your business goals.

★ Sync Your contacts with CRM & Marketing Apps

SolidNexus is integrated with

Zapier online automation platfrom

which allows syncing your contacts with many CRM and marketing apps

without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. CRM apps

include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, just to name a few.

Every time SolidNexus Outlook add-in saves a contact in Outlook address

book, Zapier invokes a 'trigger' event receiving the contact as a payload.

The trigger starts an automated workflow ('Zap') which has one or more

actions to invoke your apps. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the

action steps every time the trigger event occurs. An app is a web service

or application, such as Slack or Salesforce. Zapier offers integrations

for over 2,000 apps, letting you move data between them or automate

repetitive tasks.

Also SolidNexus offers an 'action' endpoint which allows to invoke Email

Scraper web service providing just email headers and text body. The

service should return parsed contact as a response. The action can be

triggered by many apps, like GMail, Mailgun, Zoho Mail etc.

★ Pricing, Availability

This add-in requires a free (*no credit card required*) or paid SolidNexus

account. You will be prompted to sign-in or create a new account when you

launch the add-in. We have a tiered account model of Free, Basic and Pro -

you can check it out on our


SolidNexus Outlook Add-in is available for customers with Exchange Online

subscriptions. It is also available for Exchange 2016, 2019 on-premises


☹ Limitations

Due to complexity of the natural-language-processing algorithm parsing

email signatures, there is no guarantee every single email signature will

be recognized. In real-life emails some signatures are not recognized due

to syntactic errors, discrepancy between semantically important data or

lack thereof.

SolidNexus is capable of understanding English language only. Works best

with US contacts.

★ Browser Requirements

  • Microsoft Edge 18+
  • Chrome 57+
  • Firefox 54+
  • Safari 10+
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported

★ More about SolidNexus

Visit our web site for more



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