Armin Razic

Picture Slider and Card Feeds web part.

Pictoria is an Image Slider and Card Feeds SharePoint Web Part.

As an image slider you can list your images that were saved into your image library.

You can filter your images by tags.

All you need to do, is to upload some pictures into image library, and assign to them the "Title" and "Keywords".

Based on your keywords, you can flter images in the image slider.

On the top of the web part will appear your keywords as tags that you can click on and use it to filter slider images according your tag.

You can click on the image "Legend" and update the image Title and Keywords.

Only members of the "Site Owners" group can perform this action.

In the Edit mode you can set up properties for your image slider, for an example you can set th number of slides to appear, the image slider max width and height, transition time etc..

You can change Navigation tab labels by your needs.

By clicking on the thumb up icon in the legend you can "Like" an image, as well check who else Impressed the image. Only one like is allowed per user.

Pictoria as a 'Card Feeds' enables you to list articles as cards.

You can set the max number of the Card Feeds to appear in the web part, as well as, you can set the number of characters per text of the Card feed.

You can select the bacground color for your Cards View and Card Detail View.

You can click on the link "more..". to open page article detail view . In the "Card Detail View" you can review content related to the image, and click Edit button to edit image properties.

As this web part is using the "Card Content" - html field to show the content, you can format it as you wish.

Therefore this would be the simplest way for you to promote your: Products, Services, Real Estate listings, etc...

It is recommended that you use one of the following libraries for this webpart:

Image Library

Picture Library

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