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Clean and enrich data in Excel. Time-saving, customizable data wrangles powered by machine learning.

Most departmental data work and analysis still happens in Excel -- its flexibility and familiarity can’t be beat. Even so, wrangling in Excel doesn’t have to be laborious. Our Data Wrangles add-in brings the power of machine learning to your local sheets via cloud-based APIs. With Wrangles, you can restructure and standardize raw data with a few clicks…hours of work done in minutes.

What Can Wrangles Do?

  • Clean & Enrich: preparing data in Excel is no longer a manual task. With our Clean and Enrich Wrangles, formatting, extracting, standardizing and classifying columns is done in a snap.

  • Map: (coming soon) restructuring inconsistent columns and rows to target schemas is time consuming and error prone. With our Map Wrangles, select the needed data, specify the desired output, and let the Wrangles map the data over automatically.

  • Match: (coming soon) cross-referencing lots of products and customers across data sources is impossible to do manually. Our Match Wrangles use 'semantic similarity' to identify potential duplicates and related items. Similarity scores enable highly scalable workflows to find and cross-reference matches.

Custom Wrangles:

The free Data Wrangles add-in comes with over a dozen stock Wrangles, with many more on the way. If you upgrade, you can also create custom DIY Wrangles. DIY Wrangles require nothing more than the right training data. Paste data into Excel, click 'Train', and voila -- a powerful classification or extraction Wrangle specific to your needs.

For more complex requirements, WrangleWorks can design and deploy tailored Wrangle models. Our turnkey program is extremely efficient -- Bespoke Wrangles can be live within one to two weeks. In addition to Excel, Bespoke Wrangles can also be run programmatically via APIs.

Custom Wrangles are a game changer. With them, even your most convoluted data work can be automated! Given the inherently scalability of automation, it's far faster and more affordable than manual data work. The add-in and stock Wrangles are free; custom DIY and Bespoke Wrangles are licensed.

Use Cases:

Wrangles can be applied to any type of data or process. One compelling use case is product data cleaning and enrichment. Rich, reliable product data is foundational to eCommerce, but producing high quality product information at scale is difficult, especially when the raw data comes from outside suppliers. With the add-in and a few Custom Wrangles, onboarding supplier product data is a breeze.

Another key use case is entity recognition and classification. Ecommerce, CRM, marketing automation, and analytics all require categorization of products and customers. Custom Classification and Matching Wrangles can accurately group items and companies together and cross-reference them across systems and data sources.

Wrangling Automation:

The add-in not only enables complex data work to be done inside of Excel, but it also sets the stage for complete automation of repetitive data flows. For example, Wrangles can be incorporated into Microsoft Office Scripts and Power Automate workflows. WrangleWorks also offers a hosted pipeline automation solution called Wrangling as a Service. Automating data work produces multiple benefits -- increased digital capacity, faster data-dependent processes -- all while freeing key people to do more important things.

SOLVE THE MANUAL DATA WORK PROBLEM. Start using Data Wrangles today to eliminate up to 80% of your data work. And when your team is ready, upgrade to custom Wrangles and Wrangling as a Service.

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