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Add callouts to important bars, or just read stacked, clustered, or overlapping bar data clearly.

Annotated Bar by Queryon combines bar chart functionality with customizable labels. Help your users pay attention to key data in a bar chart. Customize your labels color, font, size and position (top or bottom) of the bar. Users can drill down by clicking on labels or the bar itself. Bar styles include Stacked, Side-By-Side (Clustered), and overlapping (a.k.a bar in bar.) Overlapping bars help visualize the comparison between two things when one is inherently a part of the other. For example, project budget versus spend. Youtube Video Version New Features: - Ability to hide text labels. - Ability to hide x-axis tick marks. - Ability to control the border of bars. Improvements: - General improvements of settings locations in the format tab. - Improved tool tip performance. - Colors not initially showing on Bar Formatting tab. - Colors not initially showing on Label Formatting tab. - Improvements to color management using HEX vs RGB.

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