Horizontal Funnel by MAQ Software


​Break down the various stages and relevant metrics of a process.

While other Power BI funnels are limited to displaying one key metric for each funnel stage, Horizontal Funnel by MAQ Software allows users to display a second, customizable metric beneath the primary measure. The secondary measure defines the size of the colored funnel segments, showcasing what percentage each segments makes up of the whole.

Business Use Cases:

  • Sales – Analyze the sales pipeline by viewing both the sales progress and conversion rate at each stage of a sale
  • Marketing – View the entire buyer process, tracking for details like web traffic sources and order fulfilment
  • Human Resources – Break down the recruitment, tracking the quantity of applicants in each stage of job applications (online applications, telephone screenings, in-person interviews, etc.)

Key features:

  • Secondary measure that can be displayed below the colored bars
  • Tooltip that displays a brief explanation of the data
  • Change the color configuration of the funnel stage and change the color, font size, display units, and decimal places of the labels.
  • Added support for bookmarks

What's new in 4.0.0:

  • Support for context menu

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