Rotating Chart by MAQ Software


​Showcase multiple key performance indicators with a bar chart that rotates on the horizontal axis

Rotating Chart by MAQ Software is a horizontal bar chart that rotates on the horizontal axis to showcase multiple KPIs. Each flip can have a new value based on the number of KPIs that need to be displayed. For better visibility, users can set a timer for the rotation delay.

Business reports often require many KPIs in a single report, especially when showcasing historical data. Rotating Chart by MAQ Software lets users display multiple KPIs or metrics in a small viewing area, saving space on lengthy reports.

Business Uses:

  • Sales: Analyze units sold over several financial quarters
  • Sales Strategy: Compare sales data across financial quarters and departments
  • Management: Analyze the performance of multiple departments over time

Key Features:

  • Customizable rotation axis (horizontal or vertical)
  • Configurable flip delay time
  • 3D effect option
  • Standard formatting options such as font type, size, and color for the label and title, background, and tile borders

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