People & HR Analytics by Vayam

Vayam LLC

Gain from the most comprehensive insight into employees and people for data-driven decisions!

Your employees are your most valuable asset. People & HR Analytics by Vayam helps solve many of the most pressing issues faced by organizations in hiring, retaining, and managing their workforce. It is especially critical to help understand workforce dynamics as companies grow or cope with internal & external challenges. People & HR Analytics by Vayam provides HR & company leaders in EVERY company insight into the full employee life-cycle by bringing together data spanning:
  • Recruiting/ATS
  • Learning/LMS
  • Development & Competencies
  • Compensation Planning
  • Payroll
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Health & Safety
  • Benefits Management & more
This enables leaders to make better, data-driven decisions to improve their workplace, productivity, and employee satisfaction. People Analytics is crucial in gaining a competitive advantage and making strategic workforce decisions. With People & HR Analytics by Vayam you get:
  • Dozens of out-of-the box, eas