Anthology Engage

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Cultivate meaningful student connection and collect powerful data with a dynamic engagement platform

Anthology Engage empowers institutions to foster a dynamic campus community through robust co-curricular experiences managed within a single platform. Purpose-built workflows and intentionally designed tools, such as Guided Pathways, allow institutions to go beyond an organization management system to a truly expansive student engagement experience.

Connect students to meaningful experiences

With a straightforward organization management structure, create a vibrant virtual community for students while connecting them with meaningful in-person and online experiences from service opportunities to career fairs to clubs and more. Our partnership with Navengage allows you to, with even more ease, meet students where they are: on their mobile devices. As students get involved, their experiences populate to a co-curricular transcript, allowing them to understand their own involvement.

Support administrators in investing their time where it is most impactful – with the student

Streamline workflows for your team and your students through forms, automated imports, API capability, cohesive organization management processes and more, allowing users to invest their time more effectively. With tools and workflows designed for everything from organization accounting and budget management to event approvals and organization registration, your existing processes are easily configured into Engage. your paper processes can be digitized, available to use again and again.

Empower data-informed storytelling

Powerful data integration both within the Anthology ecosystem and with our partners connects the student experience to other campus efforts, providing a smoother administrative experience and a more holistic understanding of the student. Using Anthology Engage as your centralized hub of student experience, collect the quality data your institution needs to inform decision-making and demonstrate the impact of student engagement with Anthology Engage.

Inspire collaboration across campus

Expand cross-campus involvement in your students’ success by breaking down institutional silos, while maintaining organizational and departmental autonomy within Anthology Engage’s secure and accessible interface. Using Administrative Branches, an organizational structure unique to Engage, departments such as Fraternity and Sorority Life, Athletics, Housing, and academic departments can be housed in Engage, respecting their varied needs and processes. Bring your campus together around the common goal of student success and involvement with Anthology Engage.

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