Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP)

Arcserve (usa) LLC

Industry-proven, all-in-one, disaster recovery and backup solution with global deduplication.

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) future-proofs every infrastructure by delivering data protection and disaster recovery for every type of workload. Backed by heterogeneous, image-based technology that protects to and from any target, it’s combines enterprise-ready features without the complexity of traditional enterprise solutions.

With Arcserve UDP, you will:
  • Safeguard your systems and applications in cloud, virtual and physical environments
  • Reduce the risks of extended downtime by cutting RTOs and RPOs from days to minutes
  • Scale up, down and out to the cloud on-demand, turning capabilities on and off without forklift upgrades
  • Validate your RTOs, RPOs, and SLAs with built-in Assured Recovery™ testing
  • Amplify storage efficiency by up to 20x with built-in global, source-side deduplication
  • Reclaim up to 50% more time to spend on strategic IT initiatives

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