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Fast attendance registration for school that lowers student dropouts.

Attender is on a mission to save teachers precious class time by making attendance registration fast and fun.

We use gamification to lower student absence and prevent dropouts. On top of this we deliver actionable attendance data in easy-to-use statistical interfaces.

The 4 main advantages of Attender are:

1: Mark attendance faster and save time

We have four different interfaces in which a teacher can make attendance. It’s fast and fun. And very easy to use. This saves teachers precious class time and ensures up to date statistics.

2: Motivate attendance with gamification

We are convinced that you will get better results with a carrot than a stick. That is why we have made a great effort to motivate students to attend by using gamification like Attender Streaks, Attender Coins, Attender Rewards and Attender Badges. The school can choose if the students can redeem the Attender Coins for free lunch, gift certificates or other rewards to prevent absence and dropouts.

3: Intelligent statistics with predictions

The statistical interface uses algorithms to spot trends and who you should take notice off. Our ``Movers N´ Shakers`` overview automatically shows teacher behavior absence patterns that you should be aware off. Attender also calculates live statistics when you register.

4: Attendance registration in Microsoft Teams

Attender is also made for Microsoft Teams. This saves the teacher a lot of time as you do not need to change between systems to mark attendance. Attender can automatically register attendance when doing online classes.

Features in Attender can be switched on or off depending on your schools’ needs. Attender can also be modified for business use.

To use this app, your organization needs to have an active “Attender” account. Please refer to our homepage to purchase. Contact us here. If you install Attender without a license you will get access to demo data.

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