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IT solution for serialization and traceability of Pharma USA (DSCSA)


Where is our Drug coming from? Is my Drug being delivered to me secure? Are we with the right solution provider? Does our provider offer complete peace of mind? If you are looking for the answers to these questions you are in the right place.

The DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) has been designed to prevent the counterfeit drugs to enter the supply chain thus securing the end consumer. All the stakeholders (Manufacturers, Distributers, Dispensers etc.) must have a system in place that will identify and trace all drugs at the individual package level. This is where Arvato comes in by offering our serialization and Track & Trace solutions towards providing complete end to end traceability. The upcoming 2023 deadline of the DSCSA focuses on the “total digital tracking & tracing” to the individual package level for all stakeholders.

As a manufacturer, CMO, CPO , distributer or a dispenser the big question arises is are we in the right hands and how can we optimize logistics process for a greater counterfeit protection and at the same time reduce the process costs ?

With Track & Trace you enable transparent traceability of your drugs within the entire manufacturing and delivery process (end-to-end). This development is largely driven by four factors:

  • Preventing counterfeiting
  • Regulatory standards
  • Proof of product origin
  • Inventory management

Arvato Systems' end-to-end traceability creates more transparency and helps you to comply to the regulatory standards. With our track & trace solutions, we not only help you to comply to the DSCSA standards but also to the regulatory requirements of major serialization markets around the globe like EU FMD , Russia , Brazil etc. A large part of our Track & Trace portfolio is already in use with many customers with following benefits :

  • Secure and user-friendly SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution
  • Proven by other industries and a huge number of integrations: the Arvato Track & Trace solution can integrate business partners in a safe, convenient, and efficient way
  • The solution can be adapted to your specific (business) process requirements
  • No need to choose only one single importer (reduced dependency)
  • No need to change your existing supply chain/export process
  • Connects to almost all the major competition connections.

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