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BCB Medical MyHealth Patient Remote Monitoring Solution Product Family

BCB Medical – Bringing Data to Life
BCB Medical is a digital software and medical data company, gathering the real world data of both medical effectiveness and treatment quality through an integrated proprietary health platform.
For us, quality, safety, and performance are not options but the cornerstones that all our operations are based on. As external proof we have acquired the following certificates: MDR (EU) 2017/745 Annex IX (I), ISO 27001 (Information security management systems), ISO 13485 (quality management for medical devices).

MyHealth product family
MyHealth solutions offer the patients and the citizens a channel for smooth and flexible digital services in healthcare and in social services. The solution is embedded in the existing systems in the organisation and ready to be used easily and securely.

MyHealth Mobile – Overall Solution for digital services
MyHealth provides digital services that streamline interactions between healthcare providers and their customers, in a single platform. It brings together national and regional services of different suppliers into a smooth and secure solution. It includes appointment booking through source systems and services, symptom and quality-of-life questionnaires (PROMs), integration with remote appointments, service and other customer-specific services that you can read more about below.

MyHealth Questionnaires
MyHealth Questionnaires help monitor the patient’s treatment and wellbeing with digital question sets, based on the different BCB Quality Registers. Quality-of-life and symptom questionnaires (PROMs) are standardised and disease-group specific, and automatically activated for patients. Responses are transferred in real time in the MDR certified BCB Quality Register in the treating clinic. The data collected can be combined with information from other systems and applied in a variety of use cases.
MyHealth provides clinicians with an understanding of their patients’ health before and after treatment. It helps healthcare providers assess their patients’ need for treatment and plan resources cost effectively.
*) Requires BCB Medical Quality Register subscription.

MyHealth Remote Appointment
Remote Appointment is a secure solution that allows healthcare professionals and patients to meet remotely through the Microsoft Teams application. It is a cost-effective solution when in-person appointments are not necessary. The service can be used for 1-to-1 appointments, multidisciplinary appointments and group appointments with many customers and professionals.

MyHealth Remote Monitoring
MyHealth Remote Monitoring receives data from patients’ remote and home monitoring devices. Data can be transferred to clinical information systems used by healthcare professionals or to data lakes of the hospitals. Healthcare providers can use data to serve, monitor and guide their patients.

MyHealth Service Pathways
MyHealth Service Pathways allow the visibility of different services and customised service paths to be defined and displayed by the service provider. Service paths can be identified, a personal service path and customer-specific guidance can be built by the healthcare professional.

MyHealth Feedback
MyHealth Feedback module is a service-specific feature to enable the evaluation of performed services (appointment, treatment period, procedure). Feedback can be collected anonymously and reported by service unit, sector, organisation or county.

MyHealth Citizen Forms
MyHealth Citizens Forms houses all of the service provider forms in one place. The service enables easy and flexible use of digital forms replacing the traditional paper forms.

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