Perspectium DataSync Snapshot

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Protect ServiceNow data, restore with confidence and innovate faster with this Azure-based solution

Perspectium DataSync Snapshot is an easy-to-use SaaS application designed to provide increased control and flexibility for the backup, restoration, and migration of ServiceNow applications and associated data. Running as a native application inside ServiceNow, Snapshot allows the administrator to easily identify which applications, objects and data should be backed up and when this should happen. Backups are securely transferred and stored in Azure Blob Storage which is provided as part of the Snapshot subscription, and managed by Perspectium – a wholly-owned subsidiary of BitTitan, a top tier Microsoft Gold partner. 

Unlike ServiceNow’s own practice of backing up and restoring the entire instance, DataSync Snapshot allows ServiceNow customers to choose which applications and data are backed up, on a schedule of their choosing. If only one application is required, there’s no need to replicate the entire instance – and there’s definitely no need to overwrite the entire instance in the event of a restoration, when only one application or data set is affected. 

In addition, Snapshot allows for applications and data to be restored to a different instance from where they were backed up. Not only does this allow for the movement of applications between production instances, it supports and simplifies migrations or updates of applications from a development sub-production instance to a production instance. The movement of the application and the data is all managed by Perspectium as part of the subscription, and data is encrypted at rest to ensure no private or confidential information is exposed internally or externally during backup or restoration.


Snapshot includes 1TB of Azure storage as part of the subscription, and extra storage is available in 10TB increments at an additional price. 

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