Bloomz: One App for All Your Parent Communication

av Bloomz Inc

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Bloomz is the app that has everything teachers need to communicate and coordinate with parents.

Bloomz is the mobile and web app that connects schools with today’s new generation of mobile and social-media-savvy parents. Bloomz saves teachers time by integrating communication, coordination, and community-building tools—all in one easy-to-use, beautifully designed app.
When it comes to communication, Bloomz goes beyond traditional messaging apps. It allows teachers to connect with parents by sharing photos and updates about the day’s activities, and can also send announcements for assignment due dates, reminders of registration deadlines, or alerts for really urgent matters.
Its integrated class calendar gives school communities one place where they can coordinate with parents, whether planning class activities, organizing field trips, or tracking parent-teacher conference signups. Bloomz also empowers parents to collaborate with each other, volunteer, and participate in these school activities.
With Bloomz, parents, teachers, school staff, and PTA leaders can all instantly communicate through private and secure two-way messaging—no more searching for phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Everything created or shared on Bloomz is protected by its strict privacy measures, which give teachers and administrators full control of who accesses the virtual classroom or school community.
Bloomz also introduced functionality to help teachers manage their classroom, providing a behavior management tool for tracking students' conduct, as well as a student-led portfolio feature to help students submit projects, while giving parents a window into the work students do in the classroom.

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