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C-Facts B.V.

C-Facts provides dashboard insights to manage cost, show compliance and mitigate risk.

The Cloud Control Center provides valuable insight into the digital cloud footprint for Enterprises, Government and Service Providers. Showing your dependency on these cloud services in relation to costs, usage, security and liabilities. Allowing you to manage and control the impact of these cloud services and mitigate related risks.


Impact on your Sustainability objectives will become paramount (like CO2 consumption) due to stronger regulations and stakeholder requirements. the outlook for so-called ESG objectives—for environmental, social, and governance factors—is brightening considerably, with the world refocusing on climate change as a major risk.

C-Facts Control Center will allow you to create and share insight in your sustainability objectives throughout the value chain resulting in a License to Operate build on sustainability objectives and results. (long term commitment)


The Cloud Control Center delivers these value outcomes along three major Headlines of Consumption, Commerce and Compliance. 


Our Business and Technical Architecture allow any cloud based third party application and or data stream to be connected and presented within your dashboards. Allowing our platform to grow fast towards your own sustainable Cloud Control Centre in the near future.


The Cloud Control Centre is cloud agnostic and easy to provision via online onboarding. 

Available now on the marketplace is C-Facts release 1.0 with focus on Azure cost management and billing. Other topics as mentioned above will follow in upcoming releases of the platform.


Our vision and ambition are presented in the following animation, visit our website on

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