CallCabinet Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

CallCabinet Corporation

Atmos by CallCabinet is a cloud-native compliance call recording, AI-analytics and QA SaaS solution

CallCabinet’s Cloud-based platform, Atmos, seamlessly integrates directly with Microsoft Teams to deliver award-winning compliance call recording, AI-powered
voice analytics, quality assurance, and agent evaluation tools to businesses of any size.

Atmos securely captures Microsoft Teams’ communications including web, desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile applications (iOS and Android), and desktop phones.

Atmos protects your customer’s data and your business by encrypting and storing all call data in the secure Azure fabric.

Atmos’ Unique Solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Record any modality of Microsoft Teams, voice, video, content sharing and chat from any Microsoft Teams device.
  • Engineered for innovation, Atmos is the only Azure-based, Cloud-native compliance call recording technology directly integrated with Microsoft Teams.
  • Atmos seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Teams effortlessly deploying in minutes across operations of any size.
  • Our Microsoft Teams integration does not require additional on-device software or on-premise hardware.
  • Your data is securely stored in the Atmos Cloud Network to provide a seamless Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Atmos is offered in two deployments, an easily scalable subscription-based service (SaaS) model and for Enterprises, a Managed Services model with highly flexible terms.
  • Atmos Managed Services is designed for the Enterprise (3,000 users and above) where Atmos platform is deployed within the customer Azure tenant, meeting customer security and compliance policies.

Atmos offers a conversation analytics platform that converts phone calls into highly actionable, business-critical data through transcription and biometrics. Spot trends, resolve disputes, and predict what your customers want with the most accurate speech and voice analytics in the industry. Atmos measures conversation pace, volume, pitch, and caller sentiment to unlock the potential of your voice data and transform your business.

Designed to support global regulatory compliance for any industry, Atmos ensures compliance with GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, DFA, MiFIDII, Dodd-Frank, POPI, FAIS,
FICA, and many more.
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