Cloud-Based HIPAA-Compliant ECG Management Solution

CloudBeat Solution is the world’s first Hardware-agnostic, Cloud-based cardiac arrhythmia monitoring software that accommodates all different modes of cardiac monitoring (short and long-term monitoring) for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. It allows patients to be monitored remotely, 24/7, and from anywhere in the world and guarantees a proper diagnosis. At least 5% of every population suffer from Arrhythmias.


65-75% of patients that are monitored using traditional solutions are not diagnosed properly, due the short monitoring duration. When patients are not diagnosed properly, they do not get the right medication/treatment and many of those conditions exacerbate and could become lethal (many patients get strokes as a result of this lack of proper diagnosis). Our solution offers an all-in-one capability and can monitor patients long-term, in order to get the proper diagnosis and hence, the right treatment. We focus on integrating non-invasive, internet-connected ECG monitoring devices into our platform, to ensure patient comfort.


Apart from being a Medical Technology company, CardioDiagnostics has also created the first Remote Cardiac Monitoring Center, outside of the U.S,. that uses our software to monitor patients worldwide.


We have different customer segments, including, but not limited to, Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists in the U.S. and Middle East Market, and Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities in the U.S. market.


We are working on expanding into new markets, as well expanding our product portfolio. Some of those products include, but are not limited to, AI-integrated algorithms to make our software more automated, physician-focused mobile apps that give the doctors greater flexibility, and adding more modalities to CloudBeat.

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