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End-to-end content management & distribution platform for regulated industries like aviation & rail.

The Comply365 content management and document distribution platform offers a new approach that improves operational efficiency, compliance, and end user effectiveness through an integrated solution that covers the entire document lifecycle from authoring to personalized and targeted distribution of your content.

Unified Document Management

Centralized authoring revision, and document distribution of multiple OEM manual types as well as company manuals on a single, shared platform; governed by XML schemas for data integrity; enables delivery of personalized and targeted content to content users.

Authoring & Revision Management

  •  Streamlines document revision and enables cross-linking of content
  •  Enables efficient updates without replacing entire manual(s) while retaining personal bookmarks and highlights
  •  Intuitive yet robust editor empowers both Technical Publications authors and non-technical content contributors
  •  Enables situation-specific content with content tagging


Collaboration & Compliance Tracking

Automated workflow management throughout the entire document lifecycle including notifications and line of sight, based on pre-defined roles. Integrated standards tracing to prove regulatory compliance.

Workflow Management – Standards & Compliance Tracking

  •  Drives collaboration between authors, subject matter experts, end users, and other stakeholders
  •  Role management and added visibility minimize effort to execute revisions
  •  Systematically drives efficiency of the revision, review, and approval process across departments and organizations
  •  Automatically tracks changes to demonstrate compliance


Personalized and Targeted Distribution

End users of the content see more of what they need – and less of what they don’t – through effectivity and content tagging. Forms and logbook management enable two-way communication between users and operations.

Document Distribution – Ops Management – Forms & Logbook Management

  •  Delivers personalized and relevant content to end users to increase focus on the situation at hand – and not finding information
  •  Reduces training for end users to navigate manuals and operational data
  •  Supports operational performance with real-time, standardized data collection
  •  Delivers mobile data efficiently to the world’s most mobile workforce

Take your manuals and end user experience in a new direction. 

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