Cloud SFTP / MFT for SharePoint and Azure Storage


Fully SaaS managed SFTP/MFT platform that connects directly with your SharePoint or Azure storage..

Use your cloud storage with SFTP/FTP

Couchdrop provides a fully hosted and managed SaaS cloud SFTP / MFT platform that enables interaction with your storage in real-time using protocols such as SFTP.

Couchdrop's Cloud SFTP further supports file collection and retrieval through FTP, SCP, Rsync, HTTPS, webhooks, email and secure upload portals both with credentials and anonymously. All methods support granular file operations and access, and enterprise security controls. Couchdrop additionally offers file automation enabling you to decrypt PGP on upload, or automatically import files from a platform (SFTP or cloud) to your storage on a recurring schedule. Couchdrop integrates directly with your storage through its HTTPS API and transfers files in memory ensuring nothing is stored or retained by Couchdrop.

Common use cases

  • External facing SFTP/FTP server for secure file transfer or file collection
  • Enabler of system-to-system backend secure file transfer
  • File automation for transient data that is used for reporting and ETL purposes
  • File ingest/egest for ETL and reverse-ETL for applications such as Xplenty, Boomi and Microsoft Automate
  • Backing up traditional infrastructure (3CX,  CUCM network infrastructure and any software that supports SFTP/FTP for backup)


  • Built for sensitive file transfer in the cloud through being a SOC2 and HIPAA compliant enterprise grade solution
  • Native SFTP, FTP, SCP and Rsync support 
  • Bring your own storage, whether its Azure Blob, SharePoint or something else
  • Simple to set up, one click provisioning and fully hosted and managed solution (SaaS)
  • Granular user security (IP access, folder permissions, 2FA)
  • File Automation and Workflows (Decrypt/Encrypt PGP, rename, copy files across different clouds, and more)
  • File scheduling (Automatically pull data on a schedule from a source into your cloud storage SFTP -> SharePoint for example)
  • RSA Authentication support 
  • Custom branding support by bringing your own brand, whitelabel the product and a customer facing upload portal
  • Configure anonymous uploads so that end users can upload directly into their folder without worrying about credentials
  • Have users email attachments be imported directly into a specific folder within your storage
  • Supports all clients and applications that support SFTP, SCP and Rsync (FileZilla,