Cloud SFTP / FTP


Simple cloud SFTP/FTP server that connects with your cloud storage (Azure Blob, SharePoint, etc.)

Use your cloud with SFTP/FTP

Couchdrop connects to your existing cloud storage and provides a simple SFTP/FTP server for Azure Blob, File, SharePoint and other storage platforms. Unless you are using hosted storage, we never store or retain your data. It's all yours. 

Couchdrop enables you to turn your SharePoint, OneDrive or Azure storage into a fully cloud managed SFTP, FTP, SCP or Rsync server with all the bells and whistles you would expect from an Enterprise grade solution. Widely used by Healthcare and Finance companies globally, Couchdrop enables you to create users who are locked to specific folders with granular permissions and comes with firewalling. To take things further you can whitelabel the solution and have a customer facing portal for the less technical to upload and download files securely using HTTPS.  

Common use cases

  • External facing SFTP/FTP server for secure file transfer 
  • Acts such as a messaging service to programmatically transfer files into storage
  • ETL purposes for applications such as Xplenty, Boomi and Microsoft Automate
  • Backing up traditional infrastructure (3CX,  CUCM network infrastructure and any software that supports SFTP/FTP for backup)


  • Native SFTP, FTP, SCP and Rsync support 
  • Bring your own storage, whether its Azure Blob, SharePoint or even Box 
  • Simple to set up, one click provisioning and fully hosted solution
  • Granular user security (IP access, folder permissions, 2FA)
  • RSA Authentication support 
  • Bring your own brand, whitelabel the product and a customer facing upload portal
  • Setup one time token-based uploads so that end users can upload directly into their folder without worrying about credentials
  • Have users email attachments directly into a specific within your storage
  • Supports all clients and applications that support SFTP, SCP and Rsync (FileZilla, CyberDuck, WinSCP etc.)
  • Reporting and audit logs on uploads, file transfers and audits on file uploads, downloads and actions
  • Notifications (emails and webhooks) so you know if your backups or uploads have been successful when automated
  • Fully comprehensive and featured API - anything you can do in the interface you can do via API
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