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DeviceTone IoT-Enablement Solution for Azure IoT


Production-grade, ready-to-run software installed on any chip for immediate connection to Azure

The Need:
Today, product companies must connect their products to unlock business value and remain competitive. But till now, product manufacturers and systems integrators have found that connecting products to the IoT network is time-consuming, costly, and filled with technology and business risks.

The Challenge:
Connected product development is extremely complex: - Long development cycle - High risk - Lack of know-how - High cost

The Solution:
DeviceTone™ is a ready-to-run IoT-enablement solution that makes it quick and simple to create smart connected products. A complete, agile and open solution, DeviceTone empowers product companies and IoT systems integrators to deliver mass-produced connected products that can be deployed, managed and secured at scale. Freeing SIs and OEMs from hardware vendor lock-in while lowering risk, DeviceTone supports any communication protocol and any chip. Hardware and firmware development for smart connected devices typically takes 18-24 months. With DeviceTone, the development cycle is reduced to only 2-3 months.

Served Markets:
Manufacturing & Logistics
Smart City & Buildings
Smart Energy & Utilities

Target Customers' Attribute:
High volume product OEMs and services companies
Unit-price sensitive (low BOM price)
Lack of embedded development skills

Three-Step Implementation:
1) Configure:
- Select chip - Choose device services - Download & flash firmware
2) Deploy:
- Configure services - Integrate to Dynamics 365 - Scale to production
3) Operate
- Manage devices - Achieve end-to-end security - Perform analytics

Solution Components:
DeviceTone™ Nano is a ready-to-run, low-footprint IoT client for chips. Designed for highly constrained devices, DeviceTone Nano runs on any chip, board or module.

DeviceTone™ Edge is a customizable, low-footprint and ready-to-run IoT client for gateways and other IP devices. Running on any embedded Linux OS, DeviceTone Edge provides everything you need for secure and managed connectivity of any system and sensor to any enterprise network or cloud service.

DeviceTone™ Manager is a unique connected-device management platform. Key capabilities include firmware management, device configuration, provisioning, monitoring, analytics, reporting and security. Offered as a SaaS, DeviceTone Manager enables users to manage connected devices one to one or millions at a time.

CloudSwitch™ is DeviceTone’s patent-pending multi-cloud-instance technology. CloudSwitch is a future-proof technology that allows IoT-connected products to work with any cloud infrastructure and switch between instances as needed.