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Retail refrigerator monitoring; predictive maintenance; Downtime predictions

Tackle Critical Refrigeration Challenges With DyoCROMES Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

The Importance of Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitoring systems for refrigeration are IoT software or programs that provide automated temperature audits. Our energy-efficient DyoCROMES refrigeration monitoring system eliminates the laborious need for manual temperature readings, which saves valuable time, eradicates human error, and reduces significant food and financial loss by supplying consumers with real-time, accurate data.

Common Refrigeration Challenges

We’re solving the problem that many supermarkets, food retailers, and other businesses face due to a lack of real-time monitoring for their refrigerators. Challenges include:

  • No real-time and out-of-hour monitoring.
  • Manual monitoring depends on human workers. This creates an impractical need for 24/7 supervision if a refrigerator breaks down or drops below a critical temperature point.
  • Human error caused by manual checks: Even the highest-performing individuals are prone to making mistakes. When a company relies solely on man for their refrigeration temperature recordings, data entry error is a threat that can potentially result in severe food loss.
  • No predictive maintenance: With manual monitoring, there isn’t a way to identify issues with refrigerators to prevent a catastrophe of equipment failure.
  • Lack of a centralized Dashboard and Reporting: Not having a centralized dashboard and reporting system means that companies cannot receive an in-depth overview of the data in real-time.

Benefits Of The DyoCROMES Solution

Outside of the priceless advantage of having 24/7 remote automated refrigeration tracking and protecting food safety through precise temperature data, here are other benefits of using DyoCROMES refrigeration monitoring systems:

  • Immediate Response: Systems are triggered immediately in the case of refrigeration abnormalities and respond before any irreversible damage is caused. Because of this invaluable tool, our DyoCROMES monitoring allows for predictive maintenance.
  • Scalability: DyoCROMES monitoring systems are entirely scalable, allowing our technology to be used on a single fridge or freezer to multiple facilities located anywhere in the world.
  • Audit Logs: Our automated refrigeration monitoring creates streamlined, easy-to-use reports for regulatory compliance audits, saving companies substantial time.
  • Easy, user-friendly setup: It only takes a couple of hours to set up and install the DyoCROMES refrigeration monitoring system, eliminating time and frustration caused by complex technology.
  • 40% refrigerator uptime improvement: Our systems significantly improve the uptime of refrigerators by providing predictive and proactive insights.
  • Reduce energy charges by 20%: Monitoring the refrigerator's energy with real-time data helps maintain optimal energy usage while saving money.
  • Decrease service costs by 25%: Service expenses are lessened due to the autonomous actionable insights generated by the refrigerator system.

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