Electricity test

av Eesti Energia AS

Helps the end customer to determine right contractual main fuse for his/her consumption needs

Electricity test is solution what helps utilities to utilize their smart meter infrastructure for several use cases. Those use cases are addressed to provide value for utilities in their daily operations and provide additional services for utility clients. Services designed for utility client are opening additional service revenue opportunities for utility. Conceptual idea for Electricity test product family is to provide his capabilities with minimum dependence from vendor based reading systems. Electricity test is cloud based software. Electricity test interacts with customer smart meter reading system(s) to gather data to fulfill desired functionalities. Results provided by Electricity test can be reported in to utility information system or separate user interfaces if needed. Functionality what is introduced is advisory service for utility customer to determine right contractual fuse for connection point. This functionality is generating report to end customer about her/his maximum current load and how measured load is correlating with current contractual fuse size. Also, if there are imbalances in loads between the lines then this is brought out to customer with suggestions how to solve problem. Solution is working autonomously and DS0 or service provider workforce is not involved. Electricity test is secure cloud based solution, this gives flexibility for us in development and in the same time new functionalities are available for users immediately. Electricity Test helps to motivate customers to select connection schemas that require less investments, or to support higher utilization of assets. Solution is working autonomously and no DSO workforce is involved. Electricity Test is an easy, affordable and fast tool for an end user to get an overview of it’s electricity system. It gives suggestions for futher actions based on real consumption and more favorable for utility.

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