Elastic Cloud Enterprise


Centrally manage your Elastic Stack deployments

When you have accounts with complex usage patterns or multiple environments, Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) allows you to easily and centrally manage, provision, and monitor multiple clusters with the click of a button. Run a multi-tenant Elasticsearch deployment, efficiently remove management overhead, optimize hardware utilization, and manage clusters per team or use case. ECE installs on top of your Azure Virtual Machines to streamline your Elastic Stack operations. 

Some of the features of ECE include:

  • Granular role-based access controls with integration into identity providers
  • Same-day updates for new Elastic Stack versions
  • Seamless version upgrades and configuration changes
  • Automatic logging and monitoring
  • Zero configuration security
  • Rich deployment templates for increasing team velocity
  • Powerful architecture such as hot-warm for cost-effective logging and observability

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