Ellipsis Drive

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For easy spatial data management and integration

Ellipsis Drive is a fully interoperable, cloud based, spatial data management solution that simplifies and automates spatial data transformation, management and integration. It provides you with fast and secure access to your spatial content from any workflow. By converting uploaded geodata files into beautiful live maps and web services that can be accessed and queried via your endpoints of choice, they seamlessly render into your workflows, apps and tools.

Ellipsis Drive is a fitting solution for:

Data Scientists - As a data scientist, you sift through messy data to uncover meaningful intelligence. Ellipsis Drive structures your spatial data for you, so you can find treasured insights faster and easier.

Developers - As a developer, you’re an applications mastermind. Ellipsis Drive helps you flexibly render vector and raster data in your own software with just a single line of code so you can keep being the un-frustrateable genius that you are.

Spatial data vendors - As the person who makes business a reality, you’re always hunting for opportunities to connect your solutions to the market. Ellipsis Drive is THE tool to empower your team with sample sharing, demoing, product delivery, and customer success in the geospatial field.

GIS professionals - As a GIS Specialist, you’re the brain that builds GIS databases and analyses their contents. Ellipsis Drive unburdens you from database creation and maintenance, giving you more time to produce jaw-dropping analytics.

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