Embee’s Predictive Service Intelligence (EPSI)

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Improve uptime and reduce system failures with Embee’s Predictive Service Intelligence (EPSI)

Are you also facing issues such as a high volume of support tickets, downtimes, server overload and system failures?

Embee’s Predictive Service Intelligence(EPSI) is a next-generation predictive intelligence platform for your data centre operations. It offers real-time, end-to-end visibility into an enterprise’s operations, processes, and user experience through analysis of continuous streaming generated data to enhance the uptime of the systems. The tool can be used across devices and platforms, enabling the enterprise to minimize downtime and maximize operational productivity.

Predictive Service Intelligence prevents the occurrence of critical business incidents due to infrastructure/applications issues through effective use of prescriptive and predictive analytics. It helps identify event patterns and generate metrics, optimizes service levels and minimizes critical business outages.

For instance, the platform’s service intelligence capability helps predict CPU/IO wait for the state, network, and memory issues. It monitors all generated events and removes false positives while highlighting the critical events. The platform also predicts potential failures of applications/infrastructure based on current events and historical behaviour of systems in the enterprise, thereby, reducing critical incidents and leading to increased uptime.

The platform’s service desk capability enables the enterprise to view the day-to-day functioning of IT operations, leading to improved transparency and a high user experience. Predictive algorithms enable technicians to pre-empt and resolve incidents (Predictive Service Intelligence TVM). It communicates ticket resolution status through dynamic visualization and uses statistical models on past incidents to help assign accurate estimated time to resolve issues thereby improving customer satisfaction (Predictive Service Intelligence ETC).

Predictive Service Intelligence offers a customized self-help engine, the Predictive Service Intelligence BOT, which is an intelligent end-user assistant. The feature provides inputs to the users for them to resolve the issues themselves before raising a ticket to the service. Through the web-based personalized dashboard, the end-user is updated on selected and completed tickets as well as the likely time to resolve the issues.

The feature identifies and notifies end-users of system-wide incidents and open tickets for the issue, leading to quicker resolution of tickets and a reduced number of overall tickets.​

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