Document Management System


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Build a unified content repository with everteam.document

With document volumes growing exponentially every year, organizations are struggling to find a way to manage their documents in an efficient manner, reducing overheads related to searching and finding information. 

everteam.document is a comprehensive Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the management of the entire content life-cycle. It delivers a substantial amount of document management capabilities, helping customers reduce the amount of time and effort spent when managing corporate documents. 
Key Benefits: 
  • Improve employee productivity through instant access to documents. 
  • Reduce IT costs with the reduction of storage. 
  • Increase return on investment with a quick deployment. 
  • Reduce risk and errors by ensuring the integrity and trace-ability of information. 
  • Improve efficiency by providing employees with the tools and content needed. 
  • Analyze, interpret, and preserve digitized content. 
  • Empower decision makers with accurate data interpretation. 

  • Document Capture
  • Enterprise filing plan
  • Dynamic Forms Designer
  • Document Editing
  • Advanced Image Viewer 
  • Search and Retrieval 
  • Embedded Cognitive Services Engine 
  • Digital Signature 
  • Reporting and Audit Trail 

This application is available in English, Arabic and French. 

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