Hummingbird Analytics Platform

Explora Consulting

Hummingbird Analytics is a data analytics platform powered by Big data, Machine Learning & AI

A QUICK-WIN and plug-n-play solution to help your company access your data and get actionable insights in a timely manner.

Key Features

  1. Built-in Data Repository with Data Model to collect data around different domains such as sales, inventory and customers.
  2. Built-in Reports & Dashboards which are organized by business topics and customizable.
  3. Industry- Based BI Analytics that covers the needs of various industries like Retail, F&B, Real Estate, Manufacturing and School & Education.
  4. Sets of AI Engines to enrich your data and provide more insights on Sales Analytics, Demand Forecasting, Store Replenishment, Price Analysis, Finance Analytics, CRM Analytics, Next Best Action, and more to come.
  5. Easy Access to Your Data using the Natural Language Understanding Technology. You can query your data or ask your questions using natural English.

Benefits to your business users

  1. No More Data Silo. Data from various source systems are stored, validated and organized in Hummingbird Analytics, which provides easy access to business users.
  2. Provide Single Source of Truth. All the users will have access to the same datasets built in Hummingbird Analytics.
  3. Easy Access to the Data. Data, KPIs and measures are organized within Hummingbird Analytics. The same business rules will be applied no matter what reports or dashboards are used.
  4. Fast to Build Reports & Dashboards. 50-80% of your time wasted in collecting, massaging and cleansing data manually can be saved.
  5. No More Excel Jungle. All business users are using the same data source and accessing to whatever data they need whenever they need it.

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